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Devendra Banhart, "Bad Girl"

I've been a bad girl
I ain't playin' fair
I want you to be free
But I don't wanna share
No I don't wanna let you go
But it's about time I do
I can't blame you anymore
And I still love you

I know it ain't easy
Being left on your own
Why did you leave me
Well I don't really know
And why wait another day
When a day won't change a thing
Please don't ever let me say
That again

Mama I ain't waiting
I ain't waiting
But I'm still holding on

Mama I ain't waiting
No I ain't waiting
But I'm still holding on
Holding on baby

Thanks, Dru!

Okay, so I guess everyone gets one free pass to switch a pronoun and act like they're all clever and queer. (Dru called it "pulling a Black Kids," which is a phrase I'm totally stealing.) But just one, dammit. I've got my eye on you, Banhart.