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Suede, "The Living Dead"

Where's all the money gone?
I'm talking to you
All up the hole in your arm
is the needle a much better screw?
But oh, what will you do alone?
'Cause I have to go

Where is this life of fun that you promised me?
Nothing here works but your works and I mean it
I have to leave
But oh, what will you do alone?
'Cause I have to go

If I was the wife of an acrobat
Would I look like the living dead, boy?
You're on the wire and can't get back
Let's talk about the living dead
Could have had a car
Could have had it all
Could have walked in the sky but we stare at the wall

I know where the money's gone
I know what you do
'Cause I've seen the hole in your arm
and the needle's a much better screw
But oh, what will you do alone?
'Cause I have to go

From Love and Poison: The song concerns Kevin, from Moorhouse Road, and his boyfriend Andy, who had graduated from snorting to injecting cocaine. "They were lovers and they used to spend a lot of time shooting coke up, so it was about them," explains Brett. "It was inspired by them. They were really fun people. The song's very tragic but they weren't tragic in that sense. They eventually died of AIDS, which is a tragic thing to happen, but my relationship with them was they were my mates."