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The Hidden Cameras, "Builds The Bone"

When I fall, I'll aim my feet at you
I'll aim my knees, floating through breeze
Too dumb to follow a moving target. Still
Damn my needs, too meek to follow them

Have already touched it
It builds the bone
Although I'll never need it
It fills in the hole I know

Darkness falls and I'm cruising creek again
With a hollow head, a hollow head to boot
A pre-Madonna, a pre-Madon' moment:
Too shy to swallow, yet young enough to gag

All will come to it
They say it builds the bone
If I ever stop needing it
May I be thrown into the throes of toil

Let my fall, let my fall on you
Tame my feet, I'll rope my knees 'round you
It ain't my fault, no, it ain't my fault, oh no
You broke the whole, you broke the whole, oh you

All is nothing
It creates a sore
It takes my all to love it
And it relates to the end as we know

Thanks, Dru!