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The Organ, "Brother"

Here we go
They're back again
Look alive, warn your friends
We are warm and we are safe
Enjoy it while you can before
Things change

We have got to take cover
We have got to take cover

Lie down in a field if you can
Look at the night sky
Oh, where does it end?
Sometimes it hurts when you
Care about me
But it's going to hurt more when
They take you away from me
We have got to take cover, brother
We have got to take cover, brother

Here we go again
Oh midnight knocks
Oh explosions
Maybe it's all made up in our heads
This happens to me when I'm bored
Or depressed

Here is the best part of the song
Where I admit that I might be wrong
Because if they are good and if
They are right
Then they'll have their rapture one
Of these nights
But if they are wrong

Thanks, Alexx!

I probably wouldn't have looked at this one twice if someone hadn't pointed it out to me, because it's a woman singing to (presumably) a man. But when I look at it closer, I can see two queer interpretations: it could be a song about being persecuted for being gay, and calling up some solidarity throughout the LGBT community (which I like, because queer women don't often sing about queer men, and vice versa), or it could just be a soldier love song, which is gay because women aren't exactly on the front lines--she'd be singing from the perspective of a dude. Or it could be both! Whatever. Gay.