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Luxembourg, "Close-Cropped"

Do you remember us
On that minibus
With me staring at your feet?
And even judging by your footwear
I knew we had to meet

So it's a crying shame that in the mating game
I have the prowess of a fool
When we got to the farm
I should have turned on the charm
But instead I played it cool

Are you with or without her?
You'd be so much happier with me
If you're available
I'm unrestrainable
Can't you see?

I want your close-cropped hair
I want your pale blue eyes
And I want your soft hands
And your handsome thighs
I want your gormless grin
Your regional accent
And I want your cracked lips
And I want your snake hips
And I want it right now
And I might even
And I might even tell you

Now my days are filled with ways
In which our paths might cross
I've never been down
To your part of town
As much as I have this week

Are you with or without me?
You'd be so much happier without
Are you available?
You see, I'm uncontainable
Can't you see?

I want your peachy skin
And I want it now
W want your well-groomed nails
And your tended brow
I'd let your supple arms
Drape across my frame
I want the things you've got
I think you feel the same
I'd let your three-day stubble
Tear across my cheek
I want to hold your hand
Until some time next week
I want your winning ways
And your ample chest
I want the bits on display
And I want the rest

Thanks, Charleh!

I love the songs where you can't quite tell if the singer is talking about a man or a woman (girls can also have three-day stubble--just not on their faces), but it's got some queer interest no matter how you read it. "Are you with or without her?"