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Billy Bragg, "Trust"

He's already been inside me
And he really didn't say
And I really didn't ask him
I just hoped and prayed

He's already been in side me
And I really don't feel well
I keep looking in the mirror
But it's hard to tell

Will he stay by me and take my hand
And hold me till I sleep
Or will he crumble and fall to the floor
And weep
Oh feeble man, Oh evil man

He's already been inside me
Would he have told me if he cared?
I know I ought to find out
But I'm much too scared

He's already been inside me
And I know it can't be good
Nothing feels
The way it should

Will he hold me in his arms again
And wipe away my tears?
Or has he already taken
My best years?
Oh evil man, Oh feeble man

Okay, so Billy Bragg is up to his ears in street cred, so I feel compelled to add him even if the song is another HIV dirge.