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The Libertines, "Dilly Boys"

Well, my love wrote the words to the saddest songs
The songs that said that life is too long
And the moon is always blue, and just because

Why don't you sing me those other songs again?
All the songs that say life's worth the worry and the pain
The sun smiles through the rain, just because

She's my moral guide, but she does nothing at all
Smokes all of my bone and stares at the wall
Maybe she'll pace the room, howl at the moon
But still she's the sweetest girl
No, he's the sweetest girl in the world

I'm just a dilly boy
Fresh flower pressed Picaddilly boy
Hands on hips, pout on lips
Meat rag jack like a dilly boy
He's the sweetest girl
The sweetest girl in the world

I was surprised to see this one--Libertines songs are never as queer as I expect them to be. But I could just be having trouble suspending my disbelief that anyone would ever have sex with Pete Doherty.