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Los Campesinos!, "Miserabilia"

Your hands will remain empty when you have stopped clutching at straws
Cling to bad memories, forget all the insufferable bores
No one matters
No one cares

He whispered "oh my god this really is a joy to behold"
I thought he said "it's a joy to be held" so I held him too close
It was a grave mistake, he never came back again

I'm not saying there's good in none of this
Miserabilia to show the kids
I'm not saying that you're responsible
Miserable, for one, for all

I've spent too much time on my knees next to urinals in garish Mexican restaurants
Sobbing into my worn pale palms for a better understanding of my dietary requirements

I've cried on ashen floors of working men's clubs
96, 98, 2000, 2002, 2004
Oh my god, will it end?

We got nostalgic ended up filling shoe boxes with vomit
Collected scabs in lockets, hung them round our necks like nooses
None of it mattered
Nobody cares

I have broken down into the naked breasts of a newly ex (no dignity)
I can only guess that she thinks about it when she touches herself

Shout at the world because the world doesn't love you
Lower yourself because you know that you'll have to

Thanks, Charleh!