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Tomboyfriend, "Almost/Always"

He met her at a shooting gallery
Like everything about him
His timing was bad
And she'd just won
The fourth largest
Movie-inspired plush porcupine
After a hard day's
Applying for
Personal insolvency loans
They went for Fancy's Corndogs
How can you talk seriously
About something like forever
She asks
He points across the road
"Forever Spa and Nail"


He wanted someone
who would stay forever
she wanted someone
Who could last an hour
He says
I'm different than a man
I'm different than a man
I've slept with rovers
And she says
I've turned girls over
And I wanna fall in leaves
I feel like
Half the lass
Some girl in cords was supposed to've dreamed
And just for a crazy moment there I thought something could happen
And just for a crazy moment there he thought something could happen

But her skin was too soft
Their open mouths
too well rehearsed
The backseat was too hard
Their first touch was too charged
Breakfast came too early
Hesitation set in too late
They knew each other's foibles
By the time he groped for a second date

He said
Is nearly my savior
Just I get in trouble whenever I commit
And she says
Science is my boyfriend
And when I'm lonely
There's smoking up to Chrissie Hynde and Stevie Nicks and Patti Smith
And whenever I'm in bed with him I'm afraid to dream
And whenever he was in bed with her they were afraid to dream

She had
The most gorgeous set of gestures and classy schtick
A slump like him had ever seen
And he was
Just shy
The dopest, devotest-most ape
Who'd ever
Swing his way into her ring
And I'm kinda running out of options here
And that's when things got outta control

Her jokes were too much
Something in them too slick
The car was too parked
The night was too dark
Morning too far off
Sex-heavies reigned all as one
And when they kissed
it was like licking
Crisco off
another's tongue

Hey there Romeo-
Has the sky always been that shade of pink?

Has the sky Always been?


in the African Union
under Universal Heath coverage
where everyone spoke Esperanto
underneath the ground
In a League of Nation's Weapon's base
at five foot eleven
Meager maintenance worker Marvin couldn't bring himself
He said, my mate Mehemet
I can't bring myself
to mount this stepladder
and press The Button
press The Button just today

It was a dream I was having
in a place where all the McDonalds’ signs were blue
My throat was closing up
You were there too
And the mountains here are too fine
And the rivers run too deep
There's blood in my pocket
And what about the sky
Has it always been that shade of pink?

Has the sky
always been that shade of hottest pink?

Has the sky
Always been?



Thanks, Dru!

I like a girl who's turned girls over.