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Tomboyfriend, "Goldfinch Gluespoo"

My name is Edward

And I rode in here on my horse
And I been on my own
Since I was 13 years old
My stepfather was a boylover
My mama was on the run
And there is too much God down here
There's too much
There's too many lights
I put it in my pocket
Now you got only me to
C'mon doggies fight me
I'm lonely
And I drone

Soft spoken sleepy eyed
She was like a trapped bird
He was curious about her
Although frightened
Eager to flee
Hand up his bangs
Popstar glasses
He blasted it with his
King-size mattress
Thighs and gravel
He followed her home
So she laughed at him
By the rich apartments
She lived by the rich apartments

O great cupcake
O space attack
Dreamt a hundred times a
Hundred nudies
Laid under this tree
And all their skin was like leather
Rippled between their nipples
My fingers
Focus on her touch
Half inside her
Half asleep
I wanna make shore
I wanna make sure I'm here and sure

Nice black boy in a bathhouse
from his thighs to his naval
He was like you
No, your body right here
Pretty as pretty can be
You feel like some movie star
Move to the suburbs
Some important suburbs

Jack you off
(Modern love)
Jack and Jill
(Modern Love)
I see the ceiling
(Modern Love)
You learn pretty quickly
About your sexuality
When girls turn their scrunchies
But men'll pay for you
Love me 'cause I'm stupid

I see you
And I want to go away
I want to be a tree
I want to be far away
When you’re near me

Be my sidecar
Call shotgun
Hey nose bleed
Stop, I'll stop
Warm summers, movieolas
Cold tides

Be my seashell
Be my drool
Be my rare thing
My Goldfinch GlueSpoo

In bed no possessions
Imagination's out
Hand on my buttons
Twirled up in my legs
My bangs
My body
In open revolt

Open revolt

I can't knock you all down
And I can't wait for you to change

Open revolt

Be my bedside
Be in my dream
Let me go crazy
Let me

Thanks, Dru!