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Ani DiFranco, "Cloud Blood"

I've been wondering what you meant
When you asked, "Do you have a light?"
I've been wondering where you went
When you left that party that night
Cloud blood sweat smeared on the sky
Its dawns roadkill
I've been driving since midnight
And I'm driving still

Stop on the top of the ridge
Just to feel the wind on my Rand McNally
Then I feel the air grow cold
As I drift to the first blue of the valley
And you're wondering how far down you are on my
Call back list
But you don't realize
Everytime I find I'm by a phone the landscape shifts

Every other song someone's trying to write
Angels enter the world
Every ace every grace every near miss
Every decent kiss by a pretty girl
She was an angel
She looked like an angel
And all of the angels did sing
And the angels were watching
And the angels were listening
And the angels were on hand to stand in for everything

You can call it magic
When a man pulls a rabbit out of a hat
But the reason I don't call you
Is 'cause I wonder if there isn't a better word than that
And you can call me crazy
But I think you're as lazy as white paint on the wall
And I know you'll only speak to me in dial tones
If I call

It's been way too long
Since I've been behind the wheel
Headlights guiding me right through the dark
I feel
Driving, trying hard to resist
Sleeps first kiss
Everytime I have time to think
I think of this

Thanks, Dru!