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Gavin Friday, "Mr. Pussy"

In '67, his debut year
A pussy cat did appear
In Soho bars rather shady
A most discerning, misleading lady

He knew Marlene, Judy was a friend
Hey! Johnnie Ray, all those that bend
A legend born on a London stage
When ginger beers were outrage!

Mr. Pussy
Mr. Pussy

In '69, his favourite year
A bona palone did disappear
From the Vauxhall Tavern
To the boulevards of Dublin

Mr. Pussy
Mr. Pussy

Nanti! No nanti! Nanti parlare
Vada omi! You silly cow!

Come see a star shine
Come see him laughing through a mask of tears
(He should have been in the movies)
You know those movies that make you cry

"Oh! Immortalize me! Oh! Immortalize me!
Write a song, write a sad song,
Make it 25 years a long... Oh!"
says Mr. Pussy
mmm... Mr Pussy

More songs need Polari in them. I'm not fluent (not being a gay Englishman in my 60s and everything), but "bona palone" means "fabulous woman." The gist of the bit towards the end is "Don't talk--look at the man, you silly cow!"

And "ginger beers" is, of course, Cockney rhyming slang for "queers!"