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Pretty Balanced, "Floating"

Tommy and Nathan were just two inseparable boys
Fond of rebellion and heresy and other noise
They lived in a room in a school in the country somewhere
Without a care

Tommy liked smoking and laughing and messing around
Nathan liked sitting and reading not making a sound
They loved each other like healthy teenagers should
Love someone else
Not like brothers
But like lovers

They had been told all their lives that these feelings were wrong
They didn't dare tell each other the truth for so long
But with every second it became less easy to bear
Taking this care

They could hide plenty of things from their teachers at school
They hardly ever got caught and they broke every rule
But hiding something from each other was harder to
Do so well
Brushing hands a
Blushing matter
What's the matter
What's the matter

What kind of world do we live in
Where two people can't tell each other they've fallen in love
'Cause of what all the others would say what they'd do the exclusion
The pain and stupidity isn't it tought when those
One every ten have to suffer while everyone
Else can enjoy their free fucking in public why
Is it that even in this day and age they're beat
They can't just say
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you

It came out eventually they both knew that it would
Stumbled and fast and the consequences weren't good
Loving together for sixty small seconds
Opposite sides
Of a big room

Nathan said "we'll never see each other again"
Maybe they won't maybe someday but god who knows when

Thanks, Weed!