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Bitch and Animal, "Drag King Bar"

Well I was bored with the lesbian scene
I told myself I gotta find another thing
So I strapped on my boots
And I walked down the street
And I rolled right in to the local D.K.B.
(Drag king bar, that is)

When I walked in at quarter to eight
Well I thought that I might be straight
At the drag kind bar last night
It's unlike me to look at boys
When the girls are packing toys
I can dig that scene all right

Then across the bar
He played the air guitar
And mouthed those words real sexy
It was then that I surely knew
That this one would be a two
If I played my cards just right

Well I was drunk and I was bored
And he was cute so I was lured
At the drag king bar last night
Where all the boys are really girls
And the fags whip out their pearls
At the drag king bar last night

Then at a quarter to ten
He scoped me again
And drank his beer so sexy
It was then that I surely knew
That this one would be a two
By the end of the night tonight

Then he used the line that works everytime
He said, "hey is this seat taken?"
I said no he said "let's go"
I said where I don't care
I'm a scorpio
Take me home right now

Then at a quarter to twelve
As I began to delve
Into that drag king last night
Well my thoughts were so strange
Boy my luck sure had changed
I was queen to the king last night

Thanks, Ellie!

Drag kings don't get enough love! Though really, drag queens don't, either; in rock 'n' roll, people are always being fooled into sleeping with trannies. More songs about picking up drag acts, plz!