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Final Fantasy, "He Poos Clouds"

Lazy, you lazy poet
Your words are reckless, and I can't feel it
But hey, hey, all the boys I have ever loved have been digital
I've been a guest
On a screen, or in a book
I move 'em with my thumbs
I move them with my thumbs
I write his name in nothing
He whispers to the author
That I will be the only one

Escape, escape--this time, for real
We fool around in the service lane
He's the only friend I have who doesn't do cocaine
And all the boys I have ever loved have been confidential
Had a broken home, or a seedy past
So I know it's gonna last
And move him with your thumbs
I move him with my thumbs
He needs, he needs my guidance
He needs, he needs my time
Though I am not the only one

He swam
To the edge of the wall of the world
Followed my voice, and he cried
Master, the answer is maybe... maybe not... maybe not...
Maybe not--I have goals
Gotta fulfill the seven prophecies
Gotta be a friend to grandmother
Gotta rescue Michael from the White Witch
Gotta find and kill my shadow self
Gotta dig up every secret seashell
You may have been made for love
But I'm just made

I hadn't realized that my gay music needed Zelda references, but now that I've found some, I feel complete.