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Tinyfolk, "Wandlight"

Warm inside on a snowy night
Reading scrolls by wandlight
We were down in your basement
The air was so thick you could taste it

When your accidentally
Brushed my upper thigh
A shiver went down my back
And I felt like I'd peed out a butterfly

You're my favorite friend in Godric's Hollow
Your eyes were blue like a pure barn swallow
Gellert, can I stay in your house tonight?
Aberforth and I keep getting in fights

While your aunt was downstairs writing A History Of Magic
We're sitting with our thighs pressed together in your attic
I like it when you lean in really near
When you whisper sweet like butterbeer

Tell me, is this wrong?
Tell me, is this wrong?

Inspired by Dumbledore's relationship with his evil Anne-Ricean love interest. Also, free download!

And you should TOTALLY download it, because the fine individual behind Tinyfolk sent me the correct lyrics! SUPPORT HIM.