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Rockettothesky, "Barrie for Billy Mackenzie"

Ba-rrie, Ba-rrie-Ba-rrie-Ba-rrie-Ba-rrie-Ba-rrie-Ba-rrie
You're the best, Barrie, the best I've ever had
And I'm not just saying that you know
Ooh, you whisper in my ear, whisper my name

Ba-rrie, Ba-rrie-Ba-rrie-Ba-rrie-Ba-rrie-Ba-rrie-Ba-rrie
Your hairs are thick and feel like spiderweb
When they sit on the skin on top of the thigh
There is a fold for you where you are

They say I am a dirty ho
But you and I know what I am

Oh no no
Oh no no no no no
I am no dirty ho

Ba-rrie, Ba-rrie-Ba-rrie-Ba-rrie-Ba-rrie-Ba-rrie-Ba-rrie
I imagine all your hairs are fingers
And it makes me come, it makes images
You know only fiction will make me bend my neck
Not to the side but off the shoulders
So put your arms around my shoulders, before I die
Before I die

Oh no, no don't you lie
It's never gonna be you and I
Oh no, don't you lie
It's never gonna be you and I
No no, don't you lie
It's never gonna be you and I

I swear, Barrie, you're the best I ever had
There's never been anyone else since you
No, there's never been anyone else
My entire thigh belongs to you

Thanks, Weed! While it is likely that the title is meant to be read "Barrie (for Billy Mackenzie)," Queerics has made the executive decision to assume a male point of view. Because everybody loves Billy. Go on. Squint.