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Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, "Nashville Parthenon"

If you ever make it back to Nashville
Remember you have still got a friend
I'll meet you at the Parthenon
That's the place we always went

It's been so dull since you left Nashville
I've read the same books again and again
It makes me wish I wasn't bashful
When it comes to other men

But if I could have my way
Darling you'd come home

Remember when you moved to Nashville
And the first time that we kissed
Remember when your mother found us
Remember that you're sorely missed

And when you make it back to Nashville
We'll forget all of your sins
And I still buy two pairs of everything
So when you come home you and I'll be twins

Because if I could have my way
I wouldn't be alone

Thanks, Charleh! Awww. It seems Owen Ashworth firmly believes that the Parthenon in Nashville is where people should go to cruise for anonymous gay sex, whether or not they actually do it.