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Rough Trade, "High School Confidential"

She's a cool blonde scheming bitch
She makes my body twitch
Walking down the corridor
You can hear her stilettos click
I want her so much i feel sick
The girl can't help it, she really can't help it now

It's like a high school, high school confidential

Teenage Brandos stalk her in the halls
They tease her with catcalls
She's a combination Anita Eckberg/Mamie van Doren

Dagmar high school confidential

What's the principal doing with her?
Who's that guy, is he screwing with her?
What's her perfume? Tigress by Fabergé
It makes me cream my jeans
When she's coming my way

High school, high school confidential

She drives a candy pink Cadillac
If I don't get her soon, I'll have a heart attack
When she flashes me a look I wanna burn my books
Give up high school

High school, high school confidential

This website needs more girllove. Hey dykes! Stop making shitty music!