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Who's gay?

Here's the thing: I don't know! I thought this would be really easy, but it turns out that unless a band's music or image is really overtly queer, no one bothers asking them about their sexual preferences, and some people don't readily volunteer them. Due to the nature of the site and how often I couldn't find anything about a musician's personal life, I'm reluctant to say "straight" if I have no evidence, but don't get your hopes up. Chances are, these ambiguous rockers are heterosexual--most people are.

If you're a fan of one of these bands and you've got an article where they discuss their sexuality, please send it to me. Don't send me tirades about how so-and-so is totally bisexual unless you've got the article to prove it--I sympathize with your fanwank, but I do not accept your alternate reality.

The 6ths: Stephin Merritt, who does the writing if not the singing, is gay.

A.C.T: Well, I can't find much--sexual orientation is low on the list of priorities of people who interview prog bands--but their original band name was "Fairyland." Just sayin'.

ac acoustics: I can't even find ac acoustics-related press!

The Academy Is: It seems frontman William Beckett has a girlfriend and gropes Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes a lot. The other guys in The Academy Is are pretty low-profile, I guess.

Acid House Kings: This is one of those bands that's just foreign enough to ensure that I can't find any useful interviews or articles about them.

AFI: I know there are a lot of rumors flying around about Davey Havok, but I can't find any example of him coming out and saying "I'M BISEXUAL!" The same goes for the rest of them.

Agent Ribbons: Can't find anything, but I've got a feeling...

Aiden: They're gay-friendly, but it doesn't look like any of them are queer.

Alkaline Trio: A load of heteros.

Lily Allen: Likes boys.

Allister: I can't find anything, but you know, judging by the song included here, I'm thinking we can count on straight boys.

The Aluminum Group: Aww, both Navin brothers are gay. Yay!

Tori Amos: Likes dudes. In fact, she married one.

Antony & The Johnsons: Antony is not a man, and that is the only quote I can find. The rest of the lineup seems to change frequently and stay more-or-less under the radar.

The Ark: Frontman Ola Salo is bisexual, but I can't find anything about the rest of the band.

Asobi Seksu: I got nothin'.

The Associates: Billy Mackenzie was allegedly bisexual, though I've never seen him say anything to that effect. I can't find anything about Alan Rankine.

Athens Boys Choir: Katz is queer in just about every possible way.

Melissa Auf der Maur: She's made out with a girl, but that's it. (That's a pretty good interview, though.)

Charles Aznavour: Is this huge enduring French star and fabulously, I can't find evidence of anyone ever even questioning his sexuality. Possibly because he's had four or five wives.

Devendra Banhart: Well, for awhile he was fucking Natalie Portman, so that rules "gay" out, but anything else is a possibility.

The Beatles: All four were straight, although their manager, Brian Epstein (the fifth Beatle!) was gay.

Beautiful South: All hetero.

Beirut: I can't find any information on Zach Condon's love life except someone on a forum who says he has a girlfriend.

Belle & Sebastian: Frontman Stuart Murdoch is one of the few indie musicians who's actually confirmed that he's as straight as can be. It looks like no one's bothered to ask the other five hundred people in the band.

Bikini Kill: All the women in this band have been linked to men; however, Kathleen Hanna identifies as bisexual, and I can't find anything about Billy Karren.

The Birthday Party: Although all Australian men seem a little gay to me, these guys are heterosexual.

Bis: I've got nothin'!

Bitch and Animal: Both lesbians.

Robin Black: Wikipedia used to identify the frontman as bisexual, I think, but it doesn't anymore. I know he's had relationships with women. The rest of the band is a mystery.

Black Kids: They've obviously got a gay following, but I can't find anything about their sexual preferences. You'd think someone would have bothered to ask or talk about it by now.

Guy Blackman & Jens Lekman: Guy Blackman is gay, but I'm pretty sure Jens Lekman is straight. I think that makes their duet even more wonderful!

Blaqk Audio: Same as AFI, because... it's half of AFI.

Bloc Party: LOOK LOOK! Frontman Kele Okereke finally came out as gay! The rest of them are hetero.

Blondie: I'm too lazy to check on every person who has ever been in Blondie, but Chris Stein is heterosexual and Debbie Harry has apparently tried it that way.

Blur: Frontman Damon Albarn and bassist Alex James have left a trail of fruity comments behind them ("I'm gayer than Brett Anderson!" springs to mind), but they've only had public relationships with women, and there have been no official declarations of bisexuality. If you're curious about the fruitiness, you should stop by modern_boys on LiveJournal, because I'm too lazy to go find them.

Book of Love: I've heard that Susan and Ted Ottaviano (who aren't related or married) identify as queer now, but I don't have a primary source for that.

Simon Bookish: There are hints.

David Bowie: In the 70s, Mr. Bowie declared his bisexuality. In the 80s, he was like "Whoops! That was a bad idea." In the 90s, he came out as heterosexual. In 2002, he said "I had no problem with people knowing I was bisexual." So uh, I guess that's past tense there. My guess is that he was so immersed in queer culture for a time that he's probably at least tried it that way, even if it didn't stick.

Billy Bragg: Obviously very queer-friendly and supportive, but he has married a woman.

Jay Brannan: Gayer! Wikipedia is my source, because I'm tired.

Bratmobile: I can't find any reference to the women in Bratmobile being queer, but I can't find any evidence that they aren't queer, either. (Molly Neuman has been married to a man, though.)

The Bravery: Can't find any indication either way.

Bright Eyes: Nooo oooone knoooows. I think he's "open-minded," which means "straight." (Apparently there are two other members of Bright Eyes, but... no one actually cares about them, do they?)

British Sea Power: I can't even find anything INTERESTING about this band. For real, the last sentence in the drummer's Wikipedia article is "He has blond hair."

Broken Social Scene: Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning both like ladies. There are fourteen thousand other people involved in this project, though, so hey.

Bronski Beat: All three members are gay.

Kate Bush: Likes dudes.

The Butchies: Are you ready for this shocking news? They're a bunch of lesbians.

Bernard Butler: The thing I LOVE about Bernard Butler is that even the normal music press has latched on to this perceived romantic relationship he has with Brett Anderson, but there's really no basis in reality for it. However, he's supplied some great queer-related quotes over the years, and pointed out that his lyrics are sometimes homoerotic, so it's NOT JUST ME. (He's still a straight man with a wife and kids, though.)

Butterfly Joe: See Dead Milkmen.

David Byrne: Has been married to a woman.

Kevin Cahoon & Ghetto Cowboy: Kevin's gay; the rest of the project is a bit nebulous.

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone: In this article, Owen Ashworth says "If I was gay..." which suggests that he is not.

Brandi Carlile: Lesbian.

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds: I can't say that there's never been anyone bent in the band, because they've had a lot of turnover, but it looks like everyone involved currently is straight.

Cazwell: Gay as blazes! And a rapper! Crazy.

The Chalets: I've got nothing.

China Crisis: I can't find much about them! I hate it when this happens.

Chumbawamba: All I've heard is that former singer Danbert Nobacon has identified as a transsexual. No details, though.

City Riots: I haven't got a clue. My guess: all straight kids. But if you have evidence otherwise, send it my way.

CocoRosie: Bianca Casady is queer, and Sierra prefers people who are "both boy and girl."

Paula Cole: She was married to a man; I don't know what she's up to these days.

Edwyn Collins: Straight.

The Communards: Jimmy Somerville is, of course, a giant homo, but I don't know much about Richard Coles.

Jayne County & The Electric Chairs: Jayne County is a transwoman, but halfhearted googling can't turn anything about her sexual preference up. The rest of the band line-up is pretty variable.

CSS: Adriano Cintra is gay and Lovefoxxx has definitely been linked to boys, but I don't know about the others.

Cursive: Can't find any queers here.

The Dandy Warhols: They seem to have picked up a reputation as a queer band from somewhere, but it doesn't look like any of them are queer.

Dangerous Muse: They might be the kind of kids who describe themselves as "pansexual," but I'm pretty sure both boys in Dangerous Muse are gay, gay, gay.

Das Pop: From what I read, I don't get the impression that any of them are gay. (What, now we're talking about my impressions? God, I'm the least rigorous science student ever.)

The Dead Milkmen: ... Hey! Joe Genaro IS gay! The others are not. That was easy.

Dead or Alive: This may come as a shock to you, but Pete Burns? Likes dudes. And chicks, presumably, because he was married for two and a half decades and Wikipedia lists him as bisexual. Right now he is maybe engaged to a man when he is not beating him up in bars. I can't find anything on the other guys who have been in the band, but let's face it: you don't really care.

Death Cab For Cutie: Can't find anything on their personal lives.

The Decemberists: My halfhearted Wikipedia-ing yielded no mentions of heterosexual relationships for any of the band members, but there's no evidence in the other direction, either.

Deerhunter: Bradford Cox is gay and asexual.

Depeche Mode: All members, past and present, have married women and shown no inclinations towards boys.

Die Ärzte: Not much to be found about their personal lives (in English, anyway).

Ani DiFranco: Identifies as bisexual. When she married a man, her fans were bitterly disappointed.

Dire Straits: No gays here, unfortunately.

The Distillers: Frontwoman Brody Dalle is married to Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age, but the rest of the band is a mystery.

The Ditty Bops: A couple! Win!

Divine: Divine was a drag queen. Yes, Divine was gay.

Peter Doherty: See Libertines.

Dolly Mixture: I can't find anything about them.

Gregory Douglass: Gay.

Dresden Dolls: Amanda Palmer is bisexual; Brian Viglione just really likes women's clothes. Try this 247 Gay interview.

Dressy Bessy: I can't find much, but singer Tammy Ealom and guitarist John Hill were a couple at one point. They may still be!

Dúné: According to Alyssa, "Simon, Malte and Danny all state on their myspace that they are straight, but Piotrek, Cille, Ole and Mattias do not say that. They opt out of that section." All I have to add is goddamn, there are a lot of people in this band.

Electric Six: I can't really find much about the members. Fail!

Electrocute: Two girls making bass-heavy dance music; explicitly gay lyrics; ensuing comparisons to Peaches. I'd be surprised if they weren't a little gay, but I think it'd be kind of cool if some straight girls decided to be all "FUCK IT. LET'S MAKE THE QUEEREST MUSIC EVER."

Eve 6: It appears no one discusses their sexuality.

Everclear: They've all been married to women at some point. (I'm getting a kick out of Everclear coming right after Eve 6. Hello, late 90s!)

Faith No More: Roddy Bottum is totally gay (see Imperial Teen), but the rest are hetero.

Olias Fall: Genderqueer.

Fall Out Boy: It appears the only member who has officially alluded to bisexual impulses is Pete Wentz, who seems to be a textbook Bisexual Who Has Never Had A Homosexual Experience. Or, judging by this interview with The Advocate, a heterosexual who has had bisexual experiences. I'M SORRY, GUYS. I'd let him go with "bisexual" if HE let it go with "bisexual," but he keeps disclaiming it.

Mylène Farmer: It seems Ms. Farmer's thing is to appear mysteeerious, so I can't find much about her personal life.

Federal Drugs Administration: Is this band real? I can't find anything about them. ROBOTS.

Final Fantasy: Owen Pallett is gay.

The Field Mice: I don't know about Michael Hiscock, but Bob Wratten likes girls. The band got Yokoed.

Fosca: I think they're all queer in some fashion.

Jen Foster: Label-hating lesbian.

Franz Ferdinand: They've declared that their intent is to make music for girls to dance to. Not a lot of man-love here. Alex Kapranos has allegedly given a shoutout to their slash-loving fans, though; the girls at slacken_ties will tell you all about that.

Gavin Friday: Has a wife with fine, fine legs. He discusses just about everything important in this interview.

Futon: Drummer Simon Gilbert is gay, and according to MySpace, so is Bee the mastermind. I don't know about the other two, but I'm getting a serious queer vibe from Gene.

Garbage: All straight. Shirley Manson may have alluded to bisexuality, but there's nothing definite that I know of.

Chris Garneau: Gay!

Gay for Johnny Depp: Well, they're certainly gay for Johnny Depp.

Gentleman Reg: Gay like a... gay thing.

Gene: Frontman Martin Rossiter is bisexual-for-real; I don't know about the others in the band.

Girls: Frontman Christopher Owens likes men as much as women, and I haven't turned up anything about JR White, really, but there might be something in this New Gay interview I don't have time to load.

Girls Against Boys: Despite apparently carrying around some "Sexiest Band In Rock" label, their actual sexual orientations are very rarely commented upon.

Girlyman: The thing with actual queer bands that appeal to a certain niche is that queer journalists don't ever ask "SO, JUST HOW GAY ARE YOU?" That's a question reserved solely for the mainstream music press, it seems. I can affirm that singer Ty Greenstein likes the ladies, at least. Try reading this.

Gogol Bordello: I'm having a hard time finding anything relevant about them, which is odd, since queer rags love them. Eugene Hütz has dated girls, though.

GoodBooks: I got nothing.

The Gossip: Two dykes and a straight boy, which is incidentally the title of a sitcom I'm developing.

Gotye: On the subject of his sexuality, he says: "Iíve had a lot of very close male friends, but when Iíve considered what it would be like for those strong feelings of connectedness and love for each other as mates to become something more akin to romantic love, it didnít feel right for me." ... REALLY? Heterosexual!?

Gravy Train!!!!: Anyone in this band who isn't queer is totally queer by association.

Green Day: All of them are married to (or have been married to) women. Billie Joe Armstrong, however, identifies as a Bisexual Who's Never Had A Homosexual Experience. (Well, those weren't his exact words. Read the article.) I need an acronym for that shit. BWNHAHE? That's a bit much. Can I just call them Andersexuals?

Paul Grenier: Queer!

Grizzly Bear: The only gay one is frontman Ed Droste. The rest are sworn to pussy. (That interview is delightful!)

Groovie Ghoulies: I don't know much about them, but I believe the singer and guitarist were (are?) a heterosexual couple.

Gym Class Heroes: Alas, nothing queerer here than Travis McCoy's occasional groping of William Beckett.

Cassidy Haley: He's gay. (And so are his parents!)

Handbags at Dawn: There was some quality gay in this band. Witness.

Ben Harper: Married to a woman, with children.

PJ Harvey: She's been definitively linked to several different men, but there are a lot of rumors about her relationships with women. Apparently her website FAQ used to identify her as heterosexual.

Sophie B. Hawkins: According to The Cream Will Rise, Miss Hawkins is bisexual.

Darren Hayes: Tried to play it straight for a really long time (and fooled NO ONE except for that legion of 12-year-old Savage Garden fans who wanted to sleep with him, I guess), but recently, he married a man. ♥

The Hazzards: Appear to be straight girls.

Heartkore: That is a question he answers here. Man, I freaking love Formspring.

Heavenly: Pretty hetero. In fact, Amelia Fletcher and Robert Pursey had babies together.

Heavens To Betsy: Corin Tucker likes boys and girls, and I can't find anything about Tracy Sawyer.

Hello Saferide: I'm starting to think that the world of twee pop is a magical omnisexual land where nobody asks or cares about sexuality. Huh.

Her Space Holiday: I can't find anything about Marc Bianchi's orientation.

The Hidden Cameras: Mastermind Joel Gibb is as gay as can be!

Missy Higgins: Likes boys and girls.

Hole: Well, you can try squinting at this basically incoherent Courtney Love interview. Drummer Patty Schemel is definitely a lesbian.

Huggy Bear: Okay, now, I have no doubt there is something other than heterosexual happening here, but I actually can't find a damn thing about it on the internets. Which is a little weird, but I find it almost more delightful than "HEY, HAVE YOU HEARD THIS GAY BAND THAT IS GAY?"

Humousexual: They are gay. (FOR EACH OTHER?!)

Hunter Valentine: All queer! (And all totally cute. I mean, damn.)

IAMX: Considering Chris Corner's got a girl's name tattooed on his wrist, I think it's pretty safe to say he likes 'em. IAMX is kind of his alter ego, and fabulously, it's listed as an LGBT musician on Wikipedia, but he isn't.

Imperial Teen: Roddy Bottum and Will Schwartz are both gay; I don't know about the rhythm section. And yeah, the man was born with the last name "Bottum." Can you imagine growing up gay with a name like that? Poor fucker.

Indochine: There have been like, 80 people in Indochine; there might be a transsexual llama somewhere in their history for all I know. The only constant is frontman Nicola Sirkis, who's been married (to women) twice. But it's worth noting that the queer content in his music spans his entire career--nearly three decades--instead of being restricted to a few years in the beginning the way it usually is with people who fake it, so...

Jack Off Jill: Robin Moulder and Jessicka are both married to men, though Jessicka identifies as bisexual.

Joe Jackson: Too postmodern for labels! AfterElton calls him gay.

James: Nothing to see here.

Jellyfish: I can't find anything to indicate their sexualities.

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts: Joan Jett keeps it vague. I'm not sure about the rest of the Blackhearts, but I doubt you've ever wanted to sleep with any of them, so Jett's the important one here.

Holly Johnson: As gay as the day is long.

Jónsi: Totally gay.

Judas Priest: Frontman Rob Halford came out of the closet as gay in 1998, many years after he left the band. He's still active on the metal scene, though, which is pretty great.

Junior Senior: Jeppe Laursen is gay, but I'm pretty sure that Jesper Mortensen is straight.

Kaiser Chiefs: There's no indication that any of them are bent.

Ryan Kamstra: See TomBoyfriend.

The Karelia: As mentioned above, Alex Kapranos is not that queer, and the rest of the band was not forthcoming.

The Killers: Brandon Flowers done married a woman; I don't know about the others either way.

Kaki King: Lesbian.

King Adora: The popular description is "builders in drag." They did some posing, but it's always seemed pretty forced, and they had a bit of a reputation for going after those young she-groupies.

King Missile: John S. Hall is married to a woman and has a daughter. (Yeah, that's a baby's myspace. Didn't think you'd find a link to one of those on Queerics, did you?)

The Kinks: Guitarist Dave Davies is bisexual for real! Go Dave! But he's the only Lola-era Kink who's anything but straight. Allegedly the song was inspired by the band's manager, who got drunk and spent the night flirting with a transsexual more than once.

Kitchens of Distinction: Frontman Patrick Fitzgerald is gay, but I don't believe the other two are.

The Knife: These two don't cooperate with the media at all, so I don't know a damn thing about them.

Lady Gaga: According to a Rolling Stone interview, she's bisexual.

Ladytron: Danny Hunt says there are no gays in Ladytron. Aww.

Larrikin Love: Edward Larrikin is linked to the lady that did the band's artwork, and the other members are mysterious.

Le Sport: I just found this exchange on their lastfm page: "är de homosex?" "Ja, de ¨a;r." Hee hee. Some things are international. Seriously, I'm pretty sure at least one of them is gay, if not both.

Le Tigre: JD Samson is a lesbian, Kathleen Hanna is married to a man but identifies as bisexual, and I don't know anything about Johanna Fateman's personal life.

Leæther Strip: Claus Larsen is openly gay. Yay!

Leftover Crack: All signs point to hetero.

Jens Lekman: I know he's interested in girls; I don't know if he digs boys, too.

The Lemonheads: Evan Dando is the only constant member, and he's married to a woman. There have been like, 17 other people in the band, and if you consider that 1-2% of the population allegedly identifies as homosexual, some quick math suggests that there should be at least a Kinsey two among their ranks. (Dude, WHY NOT.)

Lesbian Bed Death: You'd think that finding sexuality-related information on a band called Lesbian Bed Death would be a simple affair, but you would be wrong.

The Libertines: The Libertines are liars. However, I am not going to deny you the joy of believing the rent boy story and that Pete Doherty's girlfriend once walked in on him delicately soaping a naked man.

Ivri Lider: Openly gay and extremely fabulous.

Limp Wrist: All gay, unsurprisingly, considering they're a queercore band.

Live: Ed Kowalczyk is married to a woman, and I just don't care enough to look the rest up.

Living Colour: Apparently all pretty hetero.

The Long Blondes: Charleh reports that there's nothing queer here. Sad!

Mary Lou Lord: Married to a man.

Lords of Acid: No idea. Do you know? Tell me.

Los Campesinos!: Do they have a gay member? Aleks Campesinos says: "There are like... no... well... we donít, but we could." I don't even KNOW what that means, but I kind of like to imagine that they're cultivating the group fag as we speak.

Luxembourg: I can't find much press for them. I doubt it would be that hard to like... hunt them down and ask them, but I'm not gonna be the one to do it. David Barnett has a livejournal.

Timo Maas: He's married and has a kid. I think the queer content in "Pictures" is Brian Molko's influence.

The Magnetic Fields: Stephin Merritt and Claudia Gonson are both gay, but I don't believe the others are.

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks: All straight, I believe.

Manic Street Preachers: All three have married women and no one's declared themselves bisexual, even if they do always sound gay for each other in interviews. Nik turned up an interview where Nicky Wire talks about his crossdressing, if you're interested.

Mansun: I think they're all straight, but Andie Rathbone does spell his name "Andie," which is pretty fucking queer.

Khaela Maricich: Out lesbian.

Marvelous 3: No evidence that any of these guys are bent, but Ash points out that Butch Walker looked like a lesbian for years, which certainly pleases me.

The Mavis's: COULD THEIR NAME BE ANY MORE WRONG? Maybe there's a being called The Mavis running around, and the band belongs to it. More relevantly, I can verify that frontman Matt Thomas is gay, but it doesn't look like any of the others are.

Mazzy Star: I can't find any clear information on this subject for them.

MC Lars: By his own logic, he must be a little bit gay, right?

McAlmont and Butler: Butler's already been covered, but David McAlmont is gay as blazes.

Ste McCabe: He's gay, according to his myspace.

Nellie McKay: Since she's a feminist who got her start in gay bars, you'd think she would have mentioned if she's also bent, so... I'm thinking hetero.

Menomena: One of those bands nobody asks, though it seems like the press kind of assumes that there's a gayer in this group. I have no certain idea, though.

Menswe@r: No one cares about Menswe@r enough to discover their sexualities. I recall the frontman had a girlfriend. They were probably no gayer than any other britpop band.

Freddie Mercury: He identified himself as gay, but he had long-term relationships with men and women. Or at least one man and one woman.

Ingrid Michaelson: It seems she's married to a man, but she doesn't like to talk about her personal life.

Mika: Well, I need a term for you, Mika, so I'm gonna call you bisexual.

Mindless Self Indulgence: My halfassed searching turns up no declarations of queer. Jimmy Urine and Lyn-Z are both married--to a woman and a man, respectively.

Momus: A hetero who just loves the Gay.

Morrissey: Gonna bite back my snide comments here: he's claimed to be asexual, which is total bullshit, and celibate, which is apparently not true anymore. According to Johnny Marr, Morrissey's done girls and boys. (I love Johnny Marr.)

Elton Motello: I THINK he's gay, but I couldn't tell you for sure. (Here at Queerics, we eschew facts!)

The Murmurs: Both lesbians.

My Chemical Romance: Both Ways are married to women. According to Ellie, rhythm guitarist Frank Iero has also married a lady, lead guitar Ray Toro may have recently proposed to his girlfriend, and no one knows anything about the drummer, Bob Bryar. (Fucking shy drummers.) I think she'd also like me to mention that Gerard Way keeps his sexuality ambiguous.

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult: If anyone affiliated is gay, they haven't made an issue of it.

My Robot Friend: Silly, robots don't have sexualities. (No, seriously, he's too low-profile for me to find anything certain, but I have my suspicions.)

Billie Myers: Lesbian.

Mystery Jets: I can't find any indication that anyone in this band is bent, although apparently queer kids love them. (It's to be expected. We set trends.)

Bif Naked: Openly bisexual.

Nancy Boy: I think they're just mama's boys--the overtly queer element to their music was dropped completely for their second album, and Donovan Leitch is married to Kirsty Hume. But he's played several gay characters in films and Hedwig (of the Angry Inch!) onstage.

Nervous Gender: I think the whole band was bent, but you might not want to quote me on that!

Neutral Milk Hotel: Jeff Mangum is married to a woman, and everyone else is shrouded in mystery and/or apathy.

New Order: Not even one kind-of-bent bandmember. What the hell, New Order? How did you manage that?

Nine Inch Nails: I don't think Trent Reznor has a personal life.

NOFX: Two of them are married to women for sure. Dunno about the other two. Apparently their guitarist can play the accordion. ... Not that that makes him gay.

Now It's Overhead: Andy LeMaster is gay. "LeMaster" is the best last name ever.

Oasis: They are a pretty heterosexual lot for a bunch of dudes who make out with other dudes all the time. On sexuality, as with all other subjects, they are kind of awful/hilarious, depending on your views on Gallaghers.

Of Montreal: According to the lovely Charleh, frontman Kevin Barnes is married to a woman and has a transgender alter ego. More info here.

OK Go: No overt gay as far as I can tell, but apparently, one of Damian Kulash's grandfathers invented fishsticks, and the other discovered a species of beetle. So that's cool.

Paul Oakenfold & Brittany Murphy: Both hetero, I believe.

The Organ: Wikipedia (I know, I know) identifies them as an LGBT band, but I can't find anything about anybody's actual orientation. Um.

Otep: Otep Shamaya is a lesbian, but I think the rest of them are hetero dudes. (It's very hard to use the word "gay" in any searches related to a metal band, due to the surfeit of teenage boys in the fandom who don't know what words mean.)

Panic At The Disco: Now, I'm sure they're all lovely boys, but I can't find any evidence that there are any actual bisexuals in this band.

Pansy Division: Mostly gay. Those damn drummers, always wanting to have sex with chicks.

Pants Yell!: Everyone in the band is pretty low-profile. They've admitted a Smiths influence, though; sexual ambiguity is par for the course.

Parenthetical Girls: Some people's gayness is so unremarkable that it cannot be confirmed with a tidy little interview where the individual says "I'm gay." I'd suggest googling the band members' names and "gay" and letting the results wash over you.

The Passionistas: I haven't turned anything up.

Peaches: Like most people who've come out and straightforwardly declared in a song that they like girls and boys, Peaches... likes girls and boys.

Katy Perry: I am pretty delighted to get to call a woman "Andersexual." She has been definitively linked to men, and though she likes to play coy and claim she's saving herself for Miley Cyrus, I'm not buying it.

Pet Shop Boys: You should not need me to tell you that the Pet Shop Boys are gay. Neil Tennant is out and proud and Chris Lowe tries to keep it on the down-low.

The Pipettes: I don't think any of them are out, but it's a bit soon to tell.

Placebo: Frontman Brian Molko is bisexual (but a father and in a long-term relationship with a woman), bassist Stefan Olsdal is gay, and drummer Steve Hewitt is straight. Steve will always be in Placebo in my mind.

Plushgun: Straight!

Phranc: Pretty much as gay as they come.

Poe: Fancies dudes, I believe.

Poi Dog Pondering: Nothing definitive.

The Presets: Both Presets are heterosexual. I know, right? An all-straight synth duo? Unprecedented!

Pretty Balanced: I can't find anything, but the people in this band are named Judith, Forest, and Parker, and I would be really disappointed if people with such incredible hippie-homo names weren't a little bent.

Propagandhi: I find a lot of "gay positive," not a lot of "actually gay." I guess they just like us.

Protest The Hero: They seem blandly heterosexual.

The Psychedelic Furs: I can't find much about most of them, but Tim Butler's married and Richard Butler has a kid. That doesn't necessarily mean he's ever stuck it in a woman, but you know, odds are good.

Pulp: So straight. Damn you, Jarvis!

Quarterflash: Fronted by a hetero couple.

Queen: All straight sans Freddie.

QueenAdreena: I can't find anything about their relationships.

R.E.M.: Michael Stipe identifies as queer, but the rest seem to dig ladies fairly exclusively.

The Radio Dept.: They exist in that indie band space where no one's bothered to ask them who they sleep with.

The Raincoats: Some quick googling suggests that Ana da Silva and Gina Birch are both fixtures of the queer-friendly festival circuit, but I can't turn up anything about their actual sexual preferences.

Rammstein: All these men are heterosexual. When I was younger, I thought nothing of a bunch of heterosexual men getting onstage and acting out bondage scenarios with a liquor-squirting dildo, but in retrospect, that is kind of weird.

Anthony Rapp: Identifies as queer.

Rediscover: These guys are flying pretty low on the radar right now, so I can't find much about them. Do you know?

Lou Reed: In his teens, his parents sent him to get electroconvulsive therapy to cure him of homosexual impulses. I guess it worked, because the only long-term relationships I'm aware of him having were with women. No, that's a terrible joke; Lou Reed's been a part of the queer community for 40 years whether he frequently takes walks on the wild side or not. (He did date a tranny in the mid-70s. Does that count?)

Reel Big Fish: This is another band where there have been too many freaking members to keep track of. The singer/songwriter/guitarist Aaron Barrett, however, is married to a lady.

The Replacements: I think they're all heterosexual.

Rockettothesky: Jenny Hval is a mystery. Well, to anyone who doesn't speak Norwegian.

The Rolling Stones: I'm afraid none of them are bent. The best we've got is Angela Bowie's story about finding David Bowie and Mick Jagger sleeping naked together, but 1) Sleeping naked does not equal wonderful gay sexing, and 2) Angie Bowie, guys.

Tom Rosenthal: Pretty safe to say that he likes girls.

Rough Trade: Frontwoman Carole Pope is a lesbian.

Saving Jane: They seem to do a lot of music that sounds a bit queer, but I can't really find anything about them.

Scissor Sisters: Jake Shears, Babydaddy, and Del Marquis are all gay; Paddy Boom and Ana Matronic are not.

Screeching Weasel: Sexuality doesn't seem to be a subject that's come up much with this band, oddly.

Semi Precious Weapons: Justin Tranter is totally queer.

Pete Shelley: Ohh, I love a bisexual punk rocker, don't you? Luckily he is one.

The Shins: James Mercer and Dave Hernandez are both married to ladies; Wikipedia doesn't care about the rest of them.

Shiny Toy Guns: I dunno! Do you?

Shudder to Think: Despite rocking everyone's world with their contributions to the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack, I can't find anything about their sexual preferences.

Si Señor: All their press is in like, Danish, so I couldn't tell you.

Sigue Sigue Sputnik: 99% sure frontman Martin Degville is gay, but I don't know about the rest.

Skunk Anansie: Frontwoman Skin is queer, but I don't know about the rest of the band.

Sleater-Kinney: According to Charleh (and verified by every Sleater-Kinney resource in the world), Corin Tucker identifies as bisexual but is married to a man, while Carrie Brownstein keeps her sexuality under wraps. The two of them did date once, though.

The Smiths: Did you see that Johnny Marr interview under Morrissey? No gays here.

The Smittens: I've heard that they claim to be 50% gay. I don't know which 50%. There's five of them, so you could cut that math in a few different ways.

Sneaker Pimps: Straight, as far as I know, though Chris Corner mixed things up a bit with IAMX.

Spacehog: Both Langdons have married women, and I don't believe anyone in Spacehog has identified as anything but straight.

Jill Sobule: is bisexual.

Soft Cell: Marc Almond is gay gay gay; Dave Ball is not.

Sohodolls: I wish I knew.

Sonic Generator: They're a bit shy about their personal lives.

Sonic Youth: Well, Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore are married, but I don't know about the rest of the band.

Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows: Anna-Varney Cantodea is a transwoman.

Regina Spektor: She's dated boys, and that's all I can find in my typical halfassed way.

Spoon: Straight kids!

Dusty Springfield: Loved the ladies; not so sure about the boys.

Ssion: There are a billion people in this band, and I am certain that there's some queer happening.

Standstill: It seems that this band graced the Earth just long enough to release a queer Christmas song and then vanished, so I can't find anything about its members.

Kinnie Starr: Bisexual, of course.

Starsailor: The only one I don't know anything about is Ben Byrne; the other three are all in long-term relationships with women.

Sufjan Stevens: The only man Sufjan is gay for is Jesus. He's kind of a frustrating case, because a lot of the stuff he writes sounds gay to heathens like me, but then I go look them up and it turns out they're all about God. Writing about one's love of God just isn't gay. Sorry.

The Stone Roses: No evidence of queer here.

Story of the Year: All hetero, I believe.

The Strokes: Don't get your hopes up, kids. I've seen nothing to indicate queer and they've all been linked to (or married to) women.

Suede: Drummer Simon Gilbert is gay for real. Brett Anderson doomed himself to mockery and questioning for the rest of his life by popping out with "I'm a bisexual who's never had a homosexual experience." Charmingly, he still stands by it after all these years, but I don't think he's ever gotten around to that homosexual experience. The other bandmembers are straight.

Superbus: Can't find anything definite.

Sweet: Straight.

David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto: Both gentlemen have been married to women.

t.A.T.u.: Everyone's favorite fake lesbians! They're two little straight girls who do what their record company tells them to do.

Talking Heads: Have all been involved with people of the opposite gender.

Team Dresch: All lesbians, I believe. (I love these easy ones.)

Team Gina: Queeeeeer.

Team Smile And Nod: Fronted by a fabulous lesbian!

Tegan and Sara: Both girls are lesbians. (Coming out must have been grand for that family. "Mom, we've got news!")

Vienna Teng: Likes boys for sure.

Terrorvision: They appear to be pretty hetero.

that dog.: I hate typing this band name SO MUCH. I can't turn up anything either way for any of the bandmembers, but drummer Tony Maxwell worked as a composer on Chuck and Buck and was thanked in the credits for But I'm A Cheerleader. If he's not gay, he's certainly... on the scene.

Therapy?: It appears that all the men in the band like women.

Third Eye Blind: Nothing queer here.

Throwing Muses: Kristin Hersh is very popular with the queers, and there's supposed to be a great Advocate interview with her somewhere, but I can't find it!

Tilly and the Wall: Keyboardist Nick White's gay for sure, and I guess I should ask someone else about the rest of the band. (Derek and Jamie Pressnall are married to each other, so uh, that's pretty hetero.)

Tinyfolk: No idea!

TNT Jackson: They haven't gotten enough press for me to find anything either way.

Tom Robinson Band: Tom Robinson is bisexual! There were a bunch of other people in this band and I'm much too lazy to check the rest of them out.

TomBoy: I believe this gentleman likes the dudes.

Tomboyfriend: Definitely some queer here; exactly how much is up for debate.

Emilíana Torrini: I got nothin'.

Pete Townshend: Not gay. (Or a child molester. I hope.)

Trash Palace: I really have no idea what the deal is with this group.

Travis: Straight.

Tubeway Army: Straight; attempts at homoeroticism can probably be chalked up to Gary Numan wanting to be David Bowie.

Turbonegro: Despite their posturing, I haven't found any indication that anyone in this band is anything but heterosexual.

Type O Negative: They appear to all be hetero, or at least deeply closeted, which is not too unexpected for the genre. In fact, frontman Peter Steele got a bit whiny when he posed nude for Playgirl and realized after the fact that a bunch of gay men would see his penis.

U2: Straight, but oddly more homoerotic than most people would expect U2 to be.

Underworld: Straight.

The Used: No one's come out as bisexual as far as I can tell.

Vampire Weekend: Keyboardist Rostam Batmanglij is gay, but he's the only one.

The Vaselines: I haven't seen any declarations of sexuality either way, but I haven't looked very hard.

Suzanne Vega: Married to a man.

The Veils: I can't find anything about Finn Andrews (the only constant member), even though sites are claiming that the Veils have a huge frothing fanbase. What's that all about?

Velvet Underground: No one any gayer than Lou Reed.

Vermillion Lies: Zoe is gay; Kim probably isn't.

Violent Delight: My gaydar is telling me that they're hetero, and their website is also pointing in that direction.

Volcano, I'm Still Excited!!: Queerics is the third result if you google "'volcano i'm still excited' gay," which does not really suggest that there's a lot of queer floating around this band.

Voltaire: As far as I know, he's hetero--he fathered a kid the usual way.

Voxtrot: Frontman Ramesh Srivastava is gay, according to everyone in the world and this Dallas Voice article. Don't know about the rest of the band.

Rufus Wainwright: So um, you may not have heard, but Rufus Wainwright likes men.

Weezer: All current and former members of the band have been linked (and in most cases, married) to women except Brian Bell and Matt Sharp. (Meaning: Their Wikipedia articles have no "Personal life" sections.)

White Lies: It makes me mad when I can't find ANYTHING about people's personal lives! God, music press! BE MORE INVASIVE.

White Town: Jyoti Mishra is one of those people who believes we're all too postmodern for sexual preference, but he's married to a woman. Read more here.

The Who: Heteros.

Why?: I can't find any useful information.

Patrick Wolf: Biiiisexual.

Xiu Xiu: Jamie Stewart is bisexual.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs: They've all been involved with people of the opposite sex.

Yelle: Like many people whose press is primarily in another language, I don't know about her one way or the other.